Nitrogen (N₂)

Nitrogen Gas Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai

Nitrogen (N₂) - The inert gas is utilized in numerous processes, such as cutting, purging, cooling, and freezing

A non-flammable atmospheric gas called nitrogen makes up about 78% of the earth's atmosphere.

Nitrogen is prized for its inert qualities when it is gas because it replaces air, which lessens or stops items from oxidising. Moreover, it serves as a laser cutting aid gas. Nitrogen is a perfect gas for cryogenic cooling and freezing because of the incredibly low temperatures at which it exists in its liquid state.

Almost any industry can use nitrogen to increase yields and maximise performance. It makes it possible to utilise and store flammables safely while also preventing the explosion of combustibles. Moreover, nitrogen increases the quality and shelf life of commodities that are susceptible to air, like food, medication, and electronic goods.

Liquid nitrogen and compressed nitrogen gas are both available from Air Products in different purities.

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