Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

Carbon Dioxide Gas Manufacturer in Navi Mumbai

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) - Application know-how, supply security, and dependable quality

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is used as a cryogenic agent to remove heat, economically and precisely controlling the temperature of both the product and process for food chilling, cooling, and freezing applications and to preserve quality and shelf life when used for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). CO₂ is also used to achieve consistent flavor, carbonation, and taste for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production and to optimize productivity in bottling and canning dispensing lines. CO₂ can be an effective way to increase growth and reduce crop damage in greenhouses, and is a safer and economical alternative to acids and chemicals in water treatment applications for pulp & paper mills, industrial operations, and municipal water treatment facilities. CO₂ is also commonly used as a shielding gas for Welding and Metals applications.

CO₂ systems from Air Products will help you manage production when faced with peak demand, when flexibility is needed to adjust your operations to changing capacities or environmental requirements, and when consistency and quality is required to meet the standards of your customers.

Air Products' network of CO₂ plants and our distribution capabilities using both truck and rail, equip us with a secure supply chain and the ability to reliably produce and deliver products under a variety of quality standards.

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